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Asked 7 years ago

For this program I'm hoping to enter, I need to be able to pass the JLPT N4. So I was wondering, if after I finish all the lessons on here, would I be able to? If not, can I at least pass the N5? 


I know there's a lot of study lists on here for these tests (which I will use) but I want to have a rough idea of where I'll be at after finishing the lessons.

Thanks in advance for your answers! ^-^ 

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Good question!

So far, we have released all the lessons(Driils, and Quizes) for JLPT 5.  So, if you finish all the lessons released at this point, you'll be ready for the level 5.  The last lesson for the level is "That’s Not Fair!." 

We'll release new lessons soon, and the new lessons are for the level4.

Keep going!  There a lot to learn, but it will worth it for sure!


Answered 7 years ago

Thanks for the answer! ^-^

Commented 7 years ago

This is pretty exciting! In time, is the plan to release lessons all the way to JLPT1?

Crimson Amaryllis
Commented 7 years ago

Yes! That's our goal^^

Commented 7 years ago