Visiting the hospital vs visiting the doctor

Crimson Amaryllis
Asked 7 years ago

Hi all,

I'm at the point in my lessons where we're learning about negative verbs, coming and going, and learning how time can be used in relation to all of this. So far I've had a sentence along the lines of:

アマンダさんはびょいんに行きません。Which is fine, Amanda isn't going to the hospital. Maybe she's healthy.

Where I come from, going to the hospital is rare (UK) and for specialist problems, surgeries etc. Normally we'd just visit the doctor.  So, if you're visiting the GP, or the doctor, would you say:


Or is there a word for going to the doctor's that isn't 'doctor'?


Thank you!

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Hmm, an interesting question.

In Japan, we can visit any hospitals or clinics(single doctor) at any time.  It's totally depends on your choice because we don't worry about the health insurance coverage etc.

When you want to say that you visit a doctor not a hospital, as you wrote,


sounds totally fine.  But this may sound "too cute," and I would recommend you to use いしゃ instead of おいしゃさん.

Since we go both hospitals and clinics, as I worte above, Japanese people may use your sentence even when they just a hospital not a single doctor.

Answered 7 years ago

That's really interesting. Thank you!

Crimson Amaryllis
Commented 7 years ago