How do you say- you do not need permission?

Asked 6 years ago

After hosting Japanese exchange students several times, I've notices that they ask permission for every little thing. Whether out of politeness or out of fear it is the wrong thing to do I am unsure; No matter how many times I explain to them that asking in unnecessary, they continue to do so. This time I wanted to be able to say "You do not need to ask permission, just do it" so that they are able to understand. I would grately appreciate if anyone is able to provide a translation.

On a side note please include the phonetic reading (How the words are pronounced).  

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I believe that the students understood what you said.  They keep asking for permissions just because they think that's a polite way, I think.  Still, it's good to know how to say that in their language.  They would be surpried and happy ^^

In that situation, I would say,

いちいち聞かなくてもいいよ。(Ichi ichi kikanakute mo iiyo. = you don't need to ask every time.) or just,

聞かなくてもいいよ。(Kikanakute mo iiyo. = You don't need to ask.)

Hope this helps both you and the students!

Answered 6 years ago

Thank you; I can understand that they want to be polite, but it's a little ridiculous to ask if they are allowed to do something as simple as sitting on the couch.

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