Drills Running Really Slow

Asked 6 years ago


This has always kind of been a problem, but it's been very frustrating the past few days. It takes a long time for a double click answer on a drill to register, and when it finally does, it makes the next question fail to register (though doesn't give the incorrect answer... it just... doesn't let you choose an answer). This means I need to refresh the page after this happens to get it working again. Even switching to selecting the answer and clicking the submit button can cause this issue, though not as frequently.

Does this happen for anybody else? Is it only during peak hours? Is it so resource intensive that I need to not have other things going on with my internet (ie. running a stream at the same time)?

Any ideas to resolve this would be great. It's been making my studying times far longer than they need to be and have been. :/

Can you describe, where you are, what browser you are using and at what times this is happening for you? Is it always happening? We're looking at it and it appears very snappy on our end but we want to verify. If you would like, you can email info@nihongomaster.com to follow up regarding this.

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It happens to me too when I'm downloading stuffs at the same time. I live in France. It's not a big issue for me, just wanted to let you know! I guess the servers are pretty far from where I live!

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Sorry, I never saw this. :( But I did already send you an email and video about this anyway. It's been running better lately, so no problem. It seems to get snagged on one of the Javascripts "get" files.

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Search something in the dictionary and see if the results take more than a second or two to appear. You may need a faster connection to send and receive in a timely manner from your location to the servers. If the slow down only occurs during downloads or other asynchronous operations, then it has more to do with your processor than the connection. So in that case you may need an upgrade.

Jace *\(^o^)/*
Answered 6 years ago

That could well be the case too. I think my Macbook is a bit on the older side. All other sites work speedy as well--even resource heavy sites like Tumblr. The file that usually gets snagged is a Javascript Get file. It's been a bit better lately, so I guess no huge cause for alarm anymore. Thanks for your answer. :)

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