Is it ha or ga imasen?

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This sentence keeps appearing in the drills.


'sensei to gakusei ha imasen'


I thought iru and aru could only take the particle 'ga' so why in the example is 'ha' used?

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"Ha" and "ga" can be very tricky for Japanese learners.  In this case, you can use both of them.  Iru and aru do not always require "ga." They can take both of ha and ga.  There is a slight difference in the meaning though.

When you say,

Sensei to gakusei ha imasen. 

It sounds like you're implying that there are not the teacher and the students but there is somebody else.

on the other hand, 

Sensei to gakusei ga imasen.

sounds like you're just describing the situation that there are not the teacher and the students.

Eventually, you'll be mastering how to use "ha" and "ga."

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!

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