Does Nihongo Master teach Kanji? Is that in the advanced level?

Asked 6 years ago

Do I have to get premium to access Kanji?

Yes they do. I've only completed 35% of the beginners Level and have learned around 10-15 jet. They are step by step introduced and used in future lessons. So you won't get around of learning them. ;) However, I can't tell you how many you will learn within the full course. (Advanced Level is pretty full with kanjis, from what I have seen) If you are only interested in learning Kanjis, you can look into the community section of nihongo master. They have studylists only for Kanjis and even specific ones which prepares you for the different JLP-Tests. Sadly I don't know how many lessons/features are available for free-members. (I believe you can only do the Introductory without premium) I hope that Information helps you a bit. :)

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I am now 76% done with the beginner course and know 80 kanji. They get introduced every now and then usually in groups of 5 or 6. You do have to get premium access to get to the beginner course where they are slowly introduced. If you're serious about learning Japanese, I would absolutely recommend becoming premium.

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As you know there are 3 levels:




You need to  get premium to acess Beginner and Advanced!!!   :)

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