Is there a way to manually delay drills?

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Is there a way to manually delay or adjust the speed of drills? I'm currently learning japanese within a language school (ドイツ人です) for quite some time now.

でも、わたしはわるいがくせいです。I slacked off for some time now, leaving me with huge gaps of knowledge of past lessons. However, I never really lost my motivation for learning japanese. I just lost sight of the path so to speak. Now I'm really eager to fill up those gaps which brought me to this awesome website. And Nihongo Master increased my intend even more... well maybe a bit to much. I've done the whole Introductory and around 30% of the beginner level in like 4-5 days. (which really helped me to bring back stuff I had forgotten) My problem now is: with very little time around christmas and new year, I'm now confronted with around 2000 drills at once. I know that I can do them little by little, but it keeps me from advancing in further lessons, since those drills are mixed up into this army of darkness. Also, I don't want to disable them. I slacked off one time, not doing it again!

I've taken on around 700 drills including 100 new drills from new lessons so far, but I fear they will come back at me within the same intervals as I do them? (It takes me around an hour to do 300 drills) Is there are way to slow them a bit down? I'm still catching up to my schools level and until then I've set my mark to do 3-5% of the beginners level per day. But even thinking about that increasing drill-army evokes nightmares in me. Is there anything I can do? Or do I have to take them all on, if I don't disable them?

If there isn't a way... then I will fight them all until no drill is left standing. :)

I have a similar issue... would love a solution implemented if there isn't already one.

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If you are a Premium user, then you can go to your drills settings in your account settings page.  There, you can pause drill sets that you unlocked in the classroom as well as individual drills you've added from the dictionary. :)  They won't show up in your drills until you unpause them.

Answered 6 years ago

I'd like to make a request since I feel like the drills are queueing too quickly for me and I don't want to outright pause large sets of drills. What I'm asking for is a single variable setting that would adjust the rate at which drills are scheduled. For example, the default settting could be 1 (the current status-quo), but if it were changed to 0.5 it would double the time between now and whenever that question would normally reappear. Seriously, please consider something along those lines because it's kinda scary when I'm busy for a couple days and come back to 300+ drills. Thanks!

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