Why do my points decrease ?

Asked 6 years ago

I have been practicing daily lately, but I tend to skip daily drills so I can take them all in the end. Then I noticed that my points decreased even in the same day ? Why is this happening ? 

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1 Answer


That is because if a drill you already did becomes available again, it decreases your points by the same amount you earned from it.
If you do drill today which earns you, let's say, 3 points, you lose those 3 points when it is back up in your dojo.
So you either have to do them again to regain your points or you can deactivate them, to stop them from reappearing in your dojo.

I hope that answers you question. :) 

Answered 6 years ago

Also remember, if you answer the same drill correct again, you won't just get your old points back, but MORE points. It depends also on how QUICKLY you answer the drill, as there's a time multiplier that boosts your points!

Commented 6 years ago