Kanji in drills we haven't learned yet.

Asked 6 years ago

In the drills for the "But I’m Doctorphobic!!" lesson, there is the kanji 品 , which we haven't learned yet.

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Are you asking for the meaning? In combination with other characters it could mean article or article, stock, elegance, a dish or course. read ひん、ほん、or しな. 

The unknown kanji could have been needed in conjunction with another kanji and that is also why it couls have appeared even if you didn't learn it yet.

Answered 6 years ago

It was in the word 薬品. I knew what it meant. I was just saying that in the lesson it said 薬ひん, so I was a little surprised when it showed up as 薬品 in the drills.

Commented 6 years ago


Ops, sorry!  You're right, Matt-san.  I already fixed it.

Thank you so much for pointing it out!

Answered 6 years ago