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Asked 6 years ago

At the moment there's no way for me to choose 'Don't know' as an answer in the Dojo.

I feel it would be useful if we have no idea, and we don't want to accidentally guess the correct answer, as it could be a day/week before we have to attempt the same question again.

A 'Don't Know' option would resolve this, by showing you the correct answer and instantly putting it back into today's drills.

I kind of like this idea! A workaround I use for now: Whenever I don't know a kanji I simply use my browser's element inspector on the kanji, look it up in the dictionary and then answer it wrong on purpose. And the most important thing, review it later!

Commented 6 years ago

I actually also like this. Usually when I don't remember one I still get the correct answer, because I know that the other ones are wrong. I should answer incorrectly on purpose, because otherwise I won't remember it.

Commented 6 years ago

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Great idea!  We will work on it!

Answered 6 years ago