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Hello everyone. I found this site 2 days ago and started learning all the vocabulary and kanji reading ( I already know the meaning of every joyo kanji) but I just don't remember these words instantly... I always ( or at least in 90% of the cases) choose correct answers because I am provided with 5 choices but I can't seem to remember these words without looking at the choices. Some I remember, some not. What should I do? I should stop and try to memorize them or I can keep learning new vocabulary and with time these words will be stuck in my head? Thanks for reading and waiting for your answers ^.^  I'm so in love with this language :)

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The great thing about spaced repetition is that after being drilled for so long, it will begin to stick well into your memory.  Besides the drills, we are coming out with even more new ways to keep your memory sharp (chat, games, etc).  So keep at it!  I would say continue to add more drills/kanji each day.  Some you will remember right away, and as you answer them, they'll be properly scheduled.  :)

Good luck!

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I studied  all 80 Kanjis for the 1st degree. Now I'm facing more 160 for the 2nd degree. I repeat them all over. Now I think how easy are the basic Kanjis!  - As far you go, the easier it is. 

Answered 9 years ago