Mobile Version?

Asked 6 years ago

Hello fellow studens.Found the site some time ago and been back after a small break.

Would like to ask if there is an adroid version of the site either an app for it.Using the bus for some hour everyday so it would help me a lot to study while on the move.


the website has a mobile version its not an app, but i prefer to use my andriod to do drills sometimes because of how fast you can answer. if you change the page to the mobile version through the browser.

Commented 6 years ago

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2 Answers


The website is mobile friendly.  It'll redirect you to https://m.nihongomaster.com/ where you can read your lessons, drills quizzes, etc.

We are looking into creating native mobile applications once we have the budget to allocate to finish them.  So many fun things to build!

Answered 6 years ago


For those of you who were looking for the Mobile version, you have to click a blue "Mobile Version" button that runs across the bottom of the page. It didn't automatically redirect for me on my Samsung cellphone or tablet. So I just spent my spring break (10 days) without my NihongoMaster, the horrors!

Once you do click it, it's very nice. I just discovered it now (by google NihongoMaster mobile version) and finding this page. Can't wait to try it out!

Answered 4 years ago