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Asked 6 years ago

Hello people :)

I now know about 150 kanji, but I want to learn more. I've already added quite a few from the dictionary to my drills, but I just want to learn their meaning, rather than all the kun'yomi and on'yomi. I understand they're important, but I'm satisfied with just the meaning for now.

So when I add a kanji to my drills, I get 6 new drills. 2 for the meaning, 2 for kun'yomi and 2 for on'yomi. Is there a way for me to ONLY add the meaning of the kanji to my drills? I think it's not possible right now, but do you think you could add the possibility? :)


~ Ardanaz

This is a good idea, and I have also had a similar thought. I often only care about one of the kanji's readings. E.g. what if I want to learn 左 and it's kun'yomi (ひだり), but I don't care about the on'yomi (サ、 シャ) since I don't know any words that use the on'yomi. It would be nice if I could add drills for meaning and kun'yomi, without adding drills with on'yomi.

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Well if u want to learn something isn't it better to know everything about it ? It's pretty risky to learn half of a kanji , you will surely have problems later on

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I'm with badseed on this one. What's the point in learning what a kanji looks like if you can't read it?

Crimson Amaryllis
Commented 6 years ago

Well I'd be able to read it, just not know exactly how to pronounce it. But I'd still know what it means. That's the important bit.

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