Is there a way to enable kanji for the lower level drills?

Asked 6 years ago

I'm fluent in Chinese and learning Japanese for my wife.  I'm trying to see if this site can be a useful tool for learning Japanese.  I've been learning japanese with a mix of kanji and hiragana and katakana from the start and looking at setences with just hiragana is an eye strain when I want to read it quickly.  Is there a way to enable kanji on these drills?  Thanks in advance.

They are starting to add new things to the website now, but as far as right now I don't believe there is (if there is, I'm sure someone will comment). You can also rewrite everything using kanji. I write all lessons in a notebook anyways, so that's what I would do.

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Thank you for your comment :) I may give this program a try. I need to get over my dislike for pure hiragana anyways!

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If you're asking the way to change the sentences in the drills, there is no way to change them. The vocabularies and kanji in the drills are only those the users have learned.  

Knowing Chinese helps you a lot to study Japanese for sure.  But, as you know, Japanese kanji are pronounced in different ways and used in different meanings from Chinese ones.  So, I would recommend you to learn them from the beginning.  You don't need to learn to write them, but you need to be able to use them in Japanese words and sentences. 

I love the way guitarbydevin-san does!  Re-writing the sentences is a great exercise!!

Answered 6 years ago

Thank you! You are right when it comes to pronunciation, Japanese pronunciation of Kanji is the hardest thing for me right now, because it changes all the time. Maybe focusing on hiragana would be of my benefit because the Kanji could always be easily added later, in my case. My Japanese is still at a beginner level, so I've a lot to learn andl Kanji could be considered a crutch for me. Thank you again. Just advice for this website in the future, maybe have a way to toggle kanji on or have kanji and furigana, etc. I that would be a very beneficial addition early on!

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darn, I can't afford it anymore, after the prices went up. I was going to consider giving premium a go.

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