I don't understand this drill question or answer.

Asked 6 years ago

One of the "voice" drill questions asks the question: これわにほんごでなんですか and the answer is: これわでんわです

I don't understand what either of these statements mean at all.

The drill question also has written: Listen to the following, look at the answer choices, and select the best possible answer.

The drill is from:

What Is This, In Japanese?

Practice a few verbs and how to ask what things are in Japanese.

Hi Demonshear, I think the question is asking for the Japanese spelling of phone which is でんわ. これはにほんごでなんですか What is this in Japanese? これは = this にほんごで=in Japanese なんですか=what is? これはでんわです this is denwa(phone) これは=this is でんわです= denwa or you could ask 'Phoneはにほんごでなんですか'。What is phone in Japanese?

Commented 6 years ago

You're right. After reviewing the lesson and doing the drill again I realised that it was confusing me because there was no image of a phone. Hence why the drill asks for the "most correct" answer. ありがと Melon!

Commented 6 years ago

Thank you for clarifying this , I too did stumbled on this question

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