Confusion about おんな

Asked 6 years ago

I just completed a drill that I have done several times before, only this time I noticed that the answer was different to what I believed was right.

What is the japanese word for the following meaning? Woman. Answer: おんな

I thought that おんな meant female and that woman was おんなのひと.

Can someone refresh my knowledge please?

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1 Answer


おんな can mean "woman" or "female", though using it alone may be considered blunt, according to jisho.org.

The drill you mentioned is confusing since there is another drill that asks for the Japanese word for "woman", and has both おんな and おんなの人 as choices. IMO this should be changed since both answers are technically correct, even if one is better.

Answered 6 years ago

Thanks ginko. Using jisho turned up the same result for me too, which made it feel like there was a hole in my memory or something. I'm glad I wasn't just believing what I wanted to 'cause that would've made me a crazy person.

Commented 6 years ago