Same quiz bug still persists

Asked 6 years ago

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ZUd7BKv.png

Earlier post describing similar/same bug

The site only checked 83 of the 162 questions I answered. Question 83 (currently displayed) was marked as wrong, though I'm fairly certain I selected the green-highlighted response. Quiz name: "The Te-Form is Back!"

Browser is Chrome 42 on Ubuntu 15.04

That's weird. I thought that all quizzes would have only 50 questions from now on.

Commented 6 years ago

We're looking into this one now!

Commented 6 years ago

Just a note, we are able to reproduce this problem. Before we cut it down to a maximum of 50 questions, we are still determining what might cause some questions to not be graded properly

Commented 6 years ago

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1 Answer


We figured out the issue for this quiz problem.  Do note, that we've ensured that ALL quizzes have a question limit of 50 in the future.  This may change eventually for larger quizzes.  Please give the quiz a go and you should see it go smoothly.


Thanks and good luck with your studies!

Answered 6 years ago