Sentence Structure Trouble

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I don't really understand the Japanese structure in this example.

A Typhoon might hit a place near the ocean = うみに近い所はたいふうが来るかもしれない。


In this example there seem to be two locations (1) in a place (2) near the ocean

Why is it translated this way using は and not うみの近いところにたいふうが来るかもしれない or even うみに近い所にたいふうが来るかもしれない。


Sorry if I have confused you.

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It gets easier if you bend the english to try and match the japanese words.


At a place near the sea, a typhoon might come.

The "place near the sea" as a whole is the subject of the sentence, with near the sea (うみに近い) as a description of this place.

You could use a different description for the place, the name for example, but the place would still be subject of the sentence.

Answered 6 years ago

Hi Dippy, Thanks I think I understand a little better now. 少し分かることが思っている

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