Possible Bugs In The System

Asked 6 years ago

While attempting the drills due for today, I noted that many of my correct answers were indicated as "wrong"  In addition the system does not highlight the "supposedly" correct answer.

Actually it seems to be saying the right answer is wrong.. I'm fluent in my numbers both katakana and hiragana and Kanji... I got "3" wrong... and then there were a couple other answers I got wrong when I knew they were right too... Sad times!! I want my points homies! It's my cool sauce for the day.

Nihon Scope
Commented 6 years ago

Same here :(( please fix it

Commented 6 years ago

Omg! I know right! I was so frustrated at myself but later I realized there is a bug in the system itself. Please fix it. thank you.

Commented 6 years ago

Same here. I don't want to do my drills now because I'll mess up my streaks.

Commented 6 years ago

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1 Answer


Can everyone try again? It appears we were having a problem with one of the backend systems we were using.  We are not able to reproduce the issue now.  Please let us know!

Answered 6 years ago

It seems to be working again. Thanks :)

Commented 6 years ago