Man/Woman vs Male/Female

Asked 6 years ago

Most of the drills go as follows:


Man - おとこのひと

Woman - おんなのひと

Male - おとこ

Female - おんな


On drill #2436815 it asks what the word for Woman is, but there is no option for おんなのひと. There is an option for おんな, which when selected is marked as correct. How absolute are the differences in these words? Should this drill be edited?

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Actually, both おとこのひと・おとこ and おんなのひと・おんな mean man and woman.

But if you call somebody just おとこ or おんな, you can sound very rude.  This is the reason that we teach おとこのひと and おんなのひと to refer man/woman.

One good example is that when we refer some criminal, おとこ and おんな are used.

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Answered 6 years ago

私もこの情報が要りました。まさこ先生、どうもありがとうございます。 I'll continue to learn carefully to avoid rude conversations.

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