Yesterday I was in level 5 and today when i logged in i was in lvel 4.

Asked 6 years ago

and my points went down by 1000 how is that possible?????

Thanks a lot tgbijn. Now I understand!!! :) :) again thanks a lot tgbijn!

Commented 6 years ago

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1 Answer


each drill in your dojo is worth a certain amount of points (worth is determined how quickly and many times the word was answered correctly in a row).  Whenever you answer a drill correctly, you get those points.  After some time has passed, you will encounter the drill again and whatever its value was, will be subtracted from you main experience points.  To get the points back, you have to answer the drill correctly again (value will decrease if the drill is answered incorrectly or slower than last time).  

Basically, when you have drills in your dojo, it means you lost points, and to get them back, you have to answer them correctly.

Answered 6 years ago