Asked 6 years ago

So I noticed that when solving drills I have to scroll to see all the answers which wastes about one or two points before I even get to read anything....

It's honestly not that big of a deal but this whole point system kind of motivates me to atleast try to read faster so I feel it defeats the purpose if I lose points before I even get to see the answers. Am I the only one?

Hi Shenさん、 Is this on your computer or your mobile?

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Is it safe to assume that you have a fairly low resolution screen then? Every browser has the functionality to zoom in/out (usually bound to ctrl & +/-) so you could zoom out a bit with this to see all the answers.

Answered 6 years ago

This has always solved this problem in the past (when I remember to do it!) The kanji are still readable if the page is reduced to, say, 70%.

Crimson Amaryllis
Commented 6 years ago

Oh totally slipped my mind....Thank you!

Commented 6 years ago

The scroll-wheel on my mouse lets me quickly scroll the answers onto the screen. See if that works for you.

Commented 6 years ago