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Asked 6 years ago

Has anyone got any good suggestions for reading material to practice with?

Preferably something you are currently using as reading material and are having success with. I tried yotsuba but It seems to be filled with alot of casual grammar that I can't recognise and most of my research has come up with this as being the go to begginers reading material. Any other suggestions would be great! 


Thanks everyone!

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Manga is a good way to go and it's been working for me. Try reading a series you've already read or seen an anime adaptation made from it. That way, even if the grammar throws you off, you're already familiar with it and can figure out what they're saying. You could also try finding a 4-koma series. Since they're only four panels, things are more straightforward.

One thing I like to do for newer series is read the untranslated chapter first, then once the English version comes out, read it again to see how much I got right. This is helpful for a series like Assassination Classroom (暗殺教室) which has a lot of puns or alternative kanji readings provided. 

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Further to Paulie's suggestion, try a manga meant for younger children, such as Doraemon or Crayon Shin-chan.  Doraemon in particular is a (relatively) easy read.

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I use Japanese the Manga Way. I had issues with a lot of particals, and this helped me learn them. Most books will either only give you examples with maybe a quick definition,  or they will go into an insanely long drawn out explanation. This one goes over it by adding excepts from manga to give you examples. Plus they don't get into technical jargon that you have to look up the word in an english dictionary to figure out what they are saying. 

They explain things quickly, efficiently, and use manga as examples, then explain it some more. And it's not just particals, but also some words, especially explaining verbs and adjectives. 

By far the best book I've used. Otherwise it's this site, wanikani, and memrise.

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Try this site.  It is a website that posts news articles regulary in simple japanese.  It also have video, audio, and kana.  If you have finished all the lessons on this site (or maybe just half) you should be able to understand most of the grammar.  You will possibly need to look up vocab you don't know though.


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