help please

Asked 6 years ago

my friend sent me this message and i cant translate it to english yet. she seems upset but i cant help her because i cant even understand what she said and she wont reply to any of my messages back. can you guys please translate this message for me?

"shinitai. mou senbu no douryo ga erabimashita. atashi ga nokotta no hito ni natta. yaminatainaa. keiei no koto ha iya datta, minna isshoni ikou to kedo."

thank you.

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It would be easier to translate this if it was in hiragana and if you used kanji.  You might want a second opinion, but from what I can tell, the message is,

"I want to die.  Everyone has already been chosen.  I was not chosen.(could not translate this part). I hate management.  I hope I can go with everyone."

Answered 6 years ago

aww that explains why my friend seems so upset. thank you very much, it means a lot for me. have a good day.

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