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Asked 6 years ago

is there someone who uses IQQI japanese keyboard on android? i cant figure out how to make small tsu (つ) 、 like the one you need  in ちょっと and similar. Help anyone?

I don't have that keyboard, but I would try typing "chotto"

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So I only just found this out by accident today (I've been using IQQI for about a year lol) but just type L+the vowel or tsu to get the smaller versions.

eg. ltsu is っ and tsu is つ if you want to use little vowels you can do the same vowels so teli is ティ. 

It is actually much easier to just type the double constanant to get っ though so to type ゆっくり you can just write yukkuri instead of yultsukuri.

Answered 5 years ago


I was about to say something similar to what you said. But, yes, he is right, just type the double consonant. but for words like めっちゃ(metcha), put the first letter of the sound twice to type it.

Answered 5 years ago