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I recently began studying in Japan in the Kansai region and for the most part I am adjusting quite well. However, I sometimes feel a bit lost especially when I am with my host family mostly due to my limited knowledge of Japanese, but also because I am not much of a social person. If anybody had any suggestion on making my experience more enjoyable (like advice on talking to my host family or places of interest to visit) I would really appreciate it. 

PS: If any person is interested, I am attempting to keep a blog of my time abroad which can be found in the link below. 


There are plenty of great places to visit. My husband and I are currently like in Shiga. Here, we have Hikone Castle, Azuchi Castle, Otsu (and Michigan boat). http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/location/regional/shiga/

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Nice places to visit in Kansai Region (places I liked):

Osaka: Kaiyuken Aquarium (sunfish, sea otter, baby seal, many floors)

Kyoto:  Fushimi Inari (1000 gates, good hike) Golden Pagota (very pretty also a nice garden) 

Nara: Todaiji Temple (big buddha, and TONS of deer)

Hyogo: Himeji Castle (6 floors high, white castle)

These are some of my favorite places in Kansai Region.  By the way in Nara the deer are very aggresive when you have food! :)


Aggressive Deer

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Some great suggestions have already been made!!  Now, you have enough place to visit.

Just one more thing I can add.  In Japan, in any prefecture, there always is an "International Association" run by the prefecture or the city.  Actually, I have worked for one of them!
The purpose of the associations is to provide both foreign residents and Japanese people with opportunities to interact with each other.  If you want to make friends, it might be a good idea to visit there.  Here's one in Osaka.  There are English pages in the site.


Hope you'll enjoy the rest of your stay!

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