Suggestions for drills.

Asked 5 years ago

Hello I wanted to make some suggestions that I think would help make the site easier to use and more helpful for reinforcement. I sent them through the help desk thing, but haven't heard anything back. Figured this would be the next best place.

The first is that it's a bit difficult to find the last lesson you completed. Right now you have to go to the classroom, click show completed items, then scroll through page by page to find the last lesson you finished. I often go back to refresh on the kanji and some lessons that the drills don't quite matchup in.

The second is for the kanji drills to have the on'yomi, and kun'yomi pronounciations along with them. A lot of newer drills don't include the on'yomi and kun'yomi for kanji and it's getting tougher to remember the pronounciations for more complex sentences and uses of the word. I think a least listing them by the side in the way that a lot of real manga does it will help reinforce the word and help comprehension a little better.

Definitely agree on the previous lesson bit. It would be nice if it were easier to double check the lesson you just did.

Crimson Amaryllis
Commented 5 years ago

me too

Commented 5 years ago

If they made use of furigana (the reading that is above/next to the kanji when reading kanji) during sentences, it would help immensely for complex vocab and sentences!

Commented 5 years ago

I wonder if it's possible to have it so that when you hover over the sentence, then it shows the furigana? Then you could test yourself and check if you're not sure, and still learn the sentence format.

Crimson Amaryllis
Commented 5 years ago

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Just so you guys know, the easiest way to check the last lesson you've done is to click on the "Your Activity" tab on the account page. It will show you lessons you've completed, achievements unlocked, forum comments, and anything else you've been doing on the site. 


As for the furigana idea, we're working on a bunch of different upgrades to the site to help make it better. This is a great idea and we'll let everyone know what improvements we're making as we move forward. 

Thanks for the input! 

Taylor A.
Answered 5 years ago