How much do I need to do the drills before they are set for "Later"

Asked 5 years ago


I was studying japanese with my drills, and found out there was a "Later" section under One Month, One Week, Tomorrow, and Today. I kept doing the drills, but so far, I've got only three under "Later". Could someone tell me how I get the drills into "Later" and if they remain there forever?

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That's actally a hard-ish to answer question, since drills have different repetition intervals. But, in general, a streak somewhere between 7 and 10 should be enough to move a drill to the "later" category.

They don't remain there forever, though; for example, the drill with the longest time to repeat for me is a 14-streak vocab drill I did on Dec. 4th that will be due on Oct 26th.

You can see all drills, your last attempt, streak, and next due date on the "Upcoming Drills" section in the Dojo.

Answered 5 years ago