Memorizing Vocabulary

Asked 8 years ago

This site has been very helpful in many regards besides memorizing the vocabularly each lesson.

I have an easier time doing things if I'm giving very specific instructions, so how should I ideally memorize vocabulary?

How many should I focus on at a time? How many a week?


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Hi ScatoloSuicide! :) As long as you continue to do the lessons at a pace comfortable to you, you should be fine. Just remember to continue your drills each day. Once you find that the majority of your drills are being scheduled out farther and farther in the future such as a week or month into the future, then you should be ready for more drills to add.  If they get scheduled further out, it means you are successfully answering those drills each time.  Our drill system adapts to your ability.  So it's helpful there.


The quizzes are meant as snapshots of your knowledge.  If you take a quiz and get a great score (90% or higher), then you should be ready to move onto the next lessons.


Remember, our drills don't just drill vocabulary like regular flash cards! There are audio drills and drills related to grammar. As we get more advanced lessons, even more unique drills will be presented to really stress your knowledge.


Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago


Thanks for the reply.

What do I do when I don't know the answer? Say the question is "What does あう mean?" If I just randomly hit one and am correct it would just give the idea that I'm ready to go to the next lesson.

Answered 8 years ago

If you don't know the answer then look it up. Write the word down a couple of times and go on. Making flashcards is another great idea. There are lots of good flashcard websites out there like Anki and Studyblue ! Or you could go old school and just use real life paper flashcards. By adding pictures to your flashcards it makes it more fun to learn. For example, I add Japanese pictures to every word, so instead of a regular clock I would look for a Japanese clock and so on. While I make the effort in searching for high resolution pictures, I am remembering them way better because I take the time of writing the word down and repeating it while I search. Just make sure to keep testing yourself and try to find fun ways to learn ! Good luck !

Commented 8 years ago

Well, even if you get it randomly correct, the chances that you continue to do so every time it comes up for drill will be slim unless you really do know it. SRS works because you are forced to continually see the material you are weakest with.

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