How far it will take me?

Asked 5 years ago

Hello i'm new on this website and I would like to do the JLPT N4 in December. 

I'm in genki chapter 6 but I got pretty demotivated since most of the exercises were pair work and I'm self studying. So i'm thinking of buying a month to see how it goes. How far it will take me? 

(Sorry if this isn't the proper place to post this.)

This website was/is actually a great help for the JLPT. I used it to study for N4 and did quite well on mine, though that was supplemented by actually living in the country and having a private language tutor for help. I'm preparing for the N3 next summer as it stands. What this site won't do is give you questions in the JLPT format (so none of them absolutely awful four gaps and you have to fit the sentence in the right order or the amazingly daft listening comprehension questions) but in terms of having listening comprehension available, revising vocabulary, kanji and grammar etc. the study lists in particularly are amazing.

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thanks for answer ande.davi, might answer my other question I posted in here please? thanks!

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