Nihongo master went back in time?

Asked 5 years ago

When I first logged in I got the achievement you get for logging in again after 7 days despite logging in a day ago. I then noticed my level dropped, I had 178 drills in the dojo and my next lesson had gone back to hiragana 'y's when I was starting on katakana. I also noticed the community threads of the last week are not there, it is like nihongo master has gone back a week? Was it reset with the crash that happened yesterday when nihongo master was down for the day?

Has anybody else experienced something like this and is there a solution?




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Hi Danielle,

We recently experienced a data loss of about a week.  That is most likely the cause. We've attempted to restore as much data as possible but some was lost. We've taken measures to ensure this does NOT happen again in the future. 

You can skip to a future lesson by going straight to the classroom and choosing the lesson where you left off.  As for drills, you may need to unlock previously unlocked drills.

Again, we're really sorry for this and we've made steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Answered 5 years ago




Yeah happened here too.

Information disappeared from my account.

Answered 5 years ago


Happened to me too

Being a new member I lost my account completely and had to make a new one ><

It's fixed now though I think :)

Answered 5 years ago