'Mastered' Drill Behaviour?

Asked 5 years ago


So I came back from vacation expecrting to find about 4k drills to go through and was pleasantly suprised to find only 400 due to what appears to be a new drill status called mastered. While I'm glad to not need to get through all of those I am interested in how this works? Will I ever see a drill again once it is concidered mastered?

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I've been experimenting around with it, I was really surprised when I saw the "Mastered" tab as well.

So I went to Settings, and found out you can actually control your drills, in a way. Like, what it says there that after a certain amount of times, that particular drill will stay hidden until a certain amount of time, if you change the settings around, a lot of the drills come back. For me, my setting right now is 5 times, so then I got 600 drills, disable it, I'm back at where I started before the maintenance at 1900 drills.

I hope this helps.

Answered 5 years ago

That's definitely good to know thanks. Still curious if they ever pop up again after being considered mastered?

Commented 5 years ago

Nope they don't. At least not right now. I've asked as similar question on Facebook and apperently they are thinking about a Option to reset drills. So you can do certain drills 5 times again before they are mastered again. But right now: 5 times a correct answer and they will never appear again. The only way to Counter it is to increase the "Mastered" condition. (up to 15 times)

Commented 5 years ago