Calling All Users Outside of the US!

Taylor A.
Asked 5 years ago

Hey guys! You may have heard that we started a weekly chat session with myself and Masako. We have one session every other Wednesday evening, but it seemed a little too late for people across the pond. We added a second session every other Thursday morning, but so far no one has showed up for the morning sesh.

Does anyone overseas want to weigh in on when would be a good time for the alternate chat? Please put your answer in EST or name your time zone so I can convert!

Thanks in advance!!

Talked to Masako and 2pm works for her! Hooray! Next week's chat will be our regular Wednesday evening, but then we will shift to Thursday at 2pm every other week. Details will be emailed out and posted on your account page. Thanks for your input, guys!

Taylor A.
Commented 5 years ago

I did join in one of the Wednesday sessions, but as I'm based in the UK (UTC+00:00), it had started at something like midnight... and it being a school night and all, I can't stay up too late. :(

Commented 5 years ago

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If you are targeting european users, I'd assume you'd have a lot more luck with 2 pm EST. 10 am est is way too early; people are still at work or even at school, depending on their location. You'd probably get more people to participate in the evening; 2 pm is 8 pm for central europe and 7 respectively 9 pm for the UK and eastern europe.

Answered 5 years ago


I would imagine that most people are free for a few hours in the evening...how about somewhere between 6-8pm GST (1-3pm EST)? That covers the UK line and would be fine for most of the EU as well, since there are only a couple of hours difference for most of the countries.


Did really want to participate in this, but it was either in the middle of work or 1 in the morning. Would be great to get an online chat.

Crimson Amaryllis
Answered 5 years ago


Normal working hours in the UK are around 10am-6pm.


But I think 8/9pm (EST:2/3pm) would be a safe bet! 



Answered 5 years ago

10am? I wish! Normal working hours here in the UK can range from 8am-6pm. :(

Commented 5 years ago


Dippy is probably correct in saying that the evenings would be best.

Although rather than focussing on Britain (the odd duckling) it'd make more sense to focus on the lot of Europe, who are in GMT + 1. Although the time difference is only one hour, it still makes a bit more sense that way. GMT + 1, roughly 21:00-22:00 as a start time seems the most sensible to me, for all days.

But, why not hold the events in the weekend? You're pretty much guaranteed to have people off off work and/or study on the weekends. Friday evening wouldn't be so optimal, but Saturday evening would be fine, and to me personally Sunday would seem perfect. Maybe I'm the only one that would prefer the weekend, but maybe not.

Either way, sessions that aren't in the dead of night are a brilliant addition!

Answered 5 years ago