"Where did you go?" Um... I log in every day? :V

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So I just got an e-mail saying the following:
"It's been a few days since we've seen you! We know that the hardest part of learning a language is remembering to study every day. But just 15 minutes each day is enough to make great progress."

Except, I log in every day on this account and have been taking drills every single day.

Is this related to the recent data loss?

Know someone who might be able to answer this question?

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Oh no! It may be related to the data loss and I will look into it right away.

I'm glad you are logging in every day and doing your drills though, you won't get another reminder again :) Keep up the good work! 

Taylor A.
Answered 5 years ago

I've looked into it and it appears to be an error on behalf of our email service. Hoping to get it fixed on their end ASAP. Apologies to anyone else who may have received this message in error!

Taylor A.
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Answered 5 years ago

I hope this will never happen again.. [url=https://www.nihongomaster.com/community/question/664/where-did-you-go-um-i-log-in-every-day-v#add-comment-form]data loss[/url] data loss

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