score lost between loging in

Asked 5 years ago

I log in today and after I finished the lesson and the drills I ended up leveling up to level 6 and having 100 points roughly. Latter I log in again and found out I was again in level 5 but all of the drills and the lesson I previously did where already saved, so I lost all of those points for some reason. Is there a way to ensure I will not lose anymore points after I logout again?  

Pretty sure this isn't a bug, but a feature, sadly. It deducts points over time to keep you taking the drills and advancing.

Commented 5 years ago

it might do that to keep you refreshed in lower lessons ect so you wont get rusty....perfect practice actually

Commented 5 years ago

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1 Answer


The points which you have accumulated over time will eventually be lost as time passes by.

Points from drills that you have mastered will remain as 25 permanently unless you choose to reset your drill mastery.

Answered 5 years ago