When Should I Start Adding Dictionary and Kanji Drills from the Community list

Asked 5 years ago

Hello , I'm currently 65% in the Beginner Lessons and I wonder when should I start adding drills from the community list. If I should , which lists you recommend for my level ?

This is entirely up to personal preference for how hard you want to work. I would highly recommend participating in the Joyo Kanji Challenge. It will teach you kanji in the order that Japanese students learn them in school. It also starts simple and gets more difficult. The best part is, if you know all the joyo kanji you are essentially literate for that and could read something like a newspaper (in theory).

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Christine's answer is great! It IS totally up to how much work you want to do and the Joyo Kanji Challenge is a great place to start adding work outside of just the main lessons. 

Here is a link to get signed up for the email list: http://learn.nihongomaster.com/joyo-kanji-challenge/

And you can find the Week 1 study list here: https://www.nihongomaster.com/lists/view/317/week-1-joyo-kanji-challenge

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Taylor A.
Answered 5 years ago