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Asked 5 years ago

I'm sure that this has been asked before but I didn't find the question in the community...

If I want to create a team, must I invite someone to join right away? Or is it possible to set it up, and then the user who wants to join will send the petition?


I thought this could help me to keep doing my drills every day :) 

If anyone wants to pair with me, rise your hand!

I'm up for making a team. Let's get to the top!

Commented 5 years ago

Know someone who might be able to answer this question?

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Hi Erinea, 

At the moment, the only way to start a team is to go to a member's page and invite them. So you wouldn't be able to create a temporary "one man team." We have been talking about changing the team rules so that teams can include mulutiple people instead of just two. I also like your idea of having an "open team!" 

Maybe someone will answer this question and say they want to team up with you! 

Taylor A.
Answered 5 years ago