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I've been looking at Japanese for a while now, and I've heard a lot of the different conjugations. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the different conjugations, and what context they're used in.

Depending on the verb or i-adjective there is different bases. Base 1, Base 2, Base 3, Base 4, Base 5 , Base ta, and Base te. There is 2 types of verbs, Ichigan and Godan verbs. The bases with the numbers tend to change the last character in correspondence to the vowels A, i,u,e,o. There is also special rules for some words that end in specific characters like the "su, tsu," and ect... you also have to look the the formality of the conversation also, which will use different bases of verb conjugation. this is the gist of it I suppose. I know there is more rules but I need to pratice them a bit more.

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I don't know if links are allowed but you can check what you said here :

for the verb 食べる (to eat) , the different conjucations are learned in the lessons and you will learn them as you go through them . There are different kinds of verbs and they don't congugate the same

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