sir how will I learn from your site of Nihongo language? I am willing to learn.

Asked 5 years ago

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I'm not sure whether or not this is a serious question. Apparently most people think the answer is 'no'. Either way, just in case it is:

The website has a fairly simplistic structure; firstly you have the classroom. Here you learn about the actual grammar of Japanese, you learn the structures, vocabulary and the lot. It's structured to take you from pretty much zero knowledge, to a decent amount of knowledge regarding Japanese.

Secondly you have the Dojo, or the drills. Here you practice what you learn in the classroom with small exercises. The exercises are (usually) structured so they fit the piece of grammar being learned.

Lastly you have the study and practice lists. In these you can save your own (or grab these from others via the community) list of words, kanji's or a mix of the two. They allow you to conveniently add them to the dojo, so you can practice them. The practice sheets are also available in a printable pdf format so that you can practice writing the kanji's.

That's the basic structure and outlay of the website, some more exact features are left out however.

If you go to the classroom and just follow the lessons you'll be taken over mostly all features the website has to offer. That, and of course the Japanese language.

Good luck learning! :)


Answered 5 years ago