I see you've added more achievements today. Do you have a dev blog where we can read about new additions and see what you're working on?

Asked 9 years ago

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Hi there! It's a fantastic question. For questions like these which are not Japanese related, be sure to send them to info@nihongomaster.com.  At this time, we do have a blog system in place but it's not yet visible to the public.    We plan on making this visible very soon and it will feature not only updates for our development efforts, but also Japanese culture and related topics.  

We hope to continue adding new achievements which will keep up with the pace of our fantastic members (you all are scoring so many points!). And we're working on some pretty big features which is going to make this site even more powerful to keep up your studies!

Good luck everyone!

Answered 9 years ago


I would like to be able to follow progress on achievements and new lessons too. :) Keep us updated~!

Answered 9 years ago