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Crimson Amaryllis
Asked 5 years ago

Hi guys.

I just changed my drill mastery to 10x in a row, which resulted in a terrifying amount of drills being placed immediately in my to do drills. Is there any way around this? 1300 drills in one day is...oh boy.


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Hi there,

 It happened because those are the drills that haven't been answered correctly 10 times in a row. One way around it is to answer 100 drills at a time and then take a few minutes break in between, if you have the whole day to yourself with no plans to go anywhere special. I remember having the same feeling as you did, but later on, I just kept going at it without worrying about the numbers. Don't let them 1300 drills scare you away. I hope I was helpful to you. Keep on going; your doing a great job. I also hope to see you in the Learners Of All Times rank.  

Answered 5 years ago


I would say don't worry about the actual numbers they quote you in the drill system.  It's what Darius said above, you so much as touch the drill settings and they're most likely either going to shoot up or down drastically.

From a pedagogical point of view it's probably best not to try to do too many (which will vary per person and their level) every day anyways as it limits how much you actually learn and retain.


I've been bad recently with drills - I've got a very valid excuse though and am practising Japanese more than I'd like to everyday - but when I'm not too busy I normally try to spend an hour or ninety minutes (which is what most people's normal attention span is) answering drills or adding new vocabulary I've come across and then leave it at that, regardless of results.


Some days you answer more, some days you answer less but at least you've still got something in the tank to carry on studying the next day and that's probably the most important thing.



Answered 5 years ago




Alot of the drills that have been added won't need to be answered again for weeks most likely (assuming you get them correct) so you should be able to tackle it over a much longer period of time than just one day if you wanted. Maybe pick a more reasonible number say 200 a day and chip at it that way.

Answered 5 years ago