So right, show of hands - who's sitting the JLPT next week and which level?

Asked 4 years ago

Best of luck to everyone if you are.

I'm doing the N3 (just about passed the N4 last year but didn't really prepare for it, I've taken the N3 considerably more seriously and have been working at it for a year) and am really worried about vocabulary/kanji. You never know when they're going to spring some word on you you've never seen before and can't remember the individual meanings of the kanji for... Derails me every time.


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I'll be doing the N4 test in DC.

I kind of did the oppisite of you this year. I wanted to skip this one and do N3 but was kind of busy/lazy over the summer so I couldn't study up as much as I wanted. Oh well.


Also, as a wrestling fan, your name rules XD

Answered 4 years ago

Best of luck then and good to see another Kenny Omega fan on here! We're on the same level pointswise so don't think you'll have any trouble with the N4 at all.

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