Not really a question, just my compliments to Nihongomaster

Asked 4 years ago

I liked Nihongomaster right from the beginning, but the more I progress, the more I realise just how brilliantly the lessons are put together.

It's a great way to learn Japanese. Thank you guys !!!

Wish I could "like" your comment!

Taylor A.
Commented 4 years ago

I share the same opinion ^-^ Please keep it up

Commented 4 years ago

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Hi Dennis!  I'm the founder of Nihongo Master and I really appreciate your feedback.  I created Nihongo Master after I studied Japanese for a trip.  When I came back, I wanted to create a tool that worked for myself and, hopefully, others.  To hear that it's helping you is fantastic.  There's a few people now that work on Nihongo Master and this kind of feedback really helps us going.

It's not a big corporation behind this.  It's a small group of people passionate about spreading the Japanese language to others.  

Thank you and good luck with your studies!

Answered 4 years ago

Thank you very much ! がんばります

Commented 4 years ago