Is it normal that I dont fully remember Kana?

Asked 4 years ago

 If shown the kana I can tell you what it is, but I can't always draw it from memory.


This happened a lot to me at the start, you will eventually know how to write everything from memory. Although, if you don't write at all then it makes total sense to not be able to write them from memory.

Commented 4 years ago

yeah, if you don't use it (aka hand write things), then it make sense you can't always write it down...I have this problem with katakana

Commented 4 years ago

I think it is normal. Make sure to practice not just the reading but also the writing! After enough practice hiragana/katakana should become very easy to both write and read. For kanji it will become a lot harder, and although you should also practice the writing I think you should start out by being happy when you recognize all the kanji you know.

Commented 4 years ago

Ah, thank you all! :D

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Yes, it is normal to not fully remember the Kana. It happened to me (and others) before. We are all human and forgetting something is a part of it. Keep on believing in yourself and you will remember the Kana by heart. I hope to see you at the top with us soon. がんばってください。 :D



Answered 4 years ago