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Asked 8 years ago

I just watched my score during a drill, and noticed that the points awarded for each question seemed to depend on response time. My score even went down sometimes after a correct answer.

Is response time a factor in the drills? I don't recall this being mentioned anywhere in the instructions.

I tend to take my time and practise all the alternatives before answering (hence my 100% record). I don't much care about the score, but if response time is factored into the SRS algorithm, this could presumably become a problem.

PS: after submitting this question the first time, I was prompted for my login details. After entering my details, I was returned to the editing page, which had been completely cleared, and I had to re-type my question.

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Are you sure your score is dropping after a drill specifically? The only time your score should drop is after the drills expire. It's to motivate you to do the drill again. Nor do points have anything to do with response time. You get more points the longer you've done the question. The first time you do a drill it's worth one point, the next time it's worth two points.

Answered 8 years ago

I did a lot of drills at around this time yesterday, come to think of it, so drill expiry would certainly explain it. Thank you!

Commented 8 years ago


I just wanted to say a big update to the drill system is underway which is going to make it a lot more competitive, responsive to your speed and more content. :)  Stay tuned, it's a doozy!

Answered 8 years ago