Katakana combined with small characters

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Hello Community,

I found some combined Katkana characters which confuse me a little:

va ... ヷ / ヴァ
vi ... ヸ / ヴィ
ve ... ヹ / ヴェ
vo ... ヺ / ヴォ

Are they similar or even equivalent to each other?

And do the following combinations really exist?:

dyu ... ヂュ
du  ... ドゥ
fo  ... フォ
kwa ... クァ
kwi ... クィ
kwe ... クェ
kwo ... クォ
tyu ... テュ
tu  ... トゥ
tso ... ツォ
vyu ... ヴュ

Hi, For foreign words to be written in Japanese, we can use 'ァィゥェォ' (small letters) in a combination with other letters. So we use the following katakana: ヴァ(va), ヴィ(vi), ヴ(vu), ヴェ(ve), ヴォ(vo). More examples; - ウィ(wi), ウェ(we), ウォ(wo) - シェ(she), ジェ(Joe) - ファ(fa), フィ(fi), フェ(fu), フォ(fo) - ティ(ti), トゥ(tu), ディ(di), ドゥ(du), チェ(che) You might make other combinations using the little letters, but they are not so common I think.

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Thank you for the further examples. ^o^/ Ok, if they are not common, then I will remove them from my list. A question is still open. Is ヹ(ve) similar/equivalent to ヴェ(ve) ?

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Im 90% sure this is covered in one of the later lessons of Katakana, if you haven't read them all already, failing that, aki's comment should answer your question^^

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I have read the chapter/s and made notes, but not all tasks done. I know about combinations with Ki, Shi, Chi ... Pi + ya/yo/yu, but Katakana have some more. That's why I ask.

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