how to get points?

Asked 4 years ago

during the drill , is it necessary to answer the question as soon as possible in order to get higher point ? even though we might make mistake ? 

If you are more about collecting points then learning, then the answer is yes. However if u answer it incorectly, the counter drops for this drill and u start with 1x5 again. (You dont lose the points from previous answers though ;) ) When u r answering the drill for the last, final time (default=5x5) it doesnt matter how fast u answer, you will get maximum points anyways. u can change the number of times the drill has to be answered correcly until its no longer in the dojo. Its in the settings. You will collect more points from each drill this way ;) When the drill is new, u always think what is the answer for the drill, it takes time and the number of points drops. But if u r already familiar with the drill, u will know the answer just by looking at it, so u will get more points too. You dont really need these points for anything, think about learning and aswering correctly, the points will come anyways ;)

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ohh i see. thank you very much :)

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The faster you answer the more points you get from the multiplier, but I wouldn't worry to much about them. The more you practice the faster you'll recognise the words, hirigana, etc.

Answered 4 years ago

okayy thank you very much dialarock. :D

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