Ok so if all my drills are done is there a way to go over them more?

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Like can i get them before the time is up for when they are due? I mean i got them right for them to go out a day or two but It was mostly lucky guesses and not me having it memorised yet. Oh and once a questions mastered am i never able to practice the drill again?

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As far as I know there is no way of repeating drills after they are madstered or before the time is up. If you get premium though I'm pretty sure there study lists option could be used to make a list of all your drills to study.

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Hi, I don't think you can do drills when you run out of them, but you can always go back to the lessons and revise the vocabulary and characters from there. Also, you can repeat a quiz as often as you like. Once you've mastered a question in your drills you don't see it again, but you can change how many times you need to answer it correctly for it to be 'mastered' (just go into your settings -> drills). The defualt is 5, if you increase it any question you had previously mastered will suddenly be back in your drills. I have mine on 10, which I've found to work quite well :)

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I know it's not quite what you are looking for, but in the drill settings you can change the mastery level. This changes when a drill is marked as "mastered", so that instead of it disappearing when you've done it correctly 5 times, it could disappear at a frequency that you prefer.


When you've mastered all your drills and you change this setting from 5 to 6 for example, all drills you've ever done will suddenly flood your Dojo again, and you'll have plenty of work laid out. It's not perfect, perhaps this is an idea for them to implement.


One last thing you could try (but I don't know if it works): there's a screen where you can unsubscribe from certain drills. It's the drill manager. If you unsubscribe from a set of drills and then re-subscribe to them, only those drills will be started again. Perhaps you can use that as a trick to get what you want (unsub and resub to those drills a couple of times in a row until you're confident).


Hope that helps!

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This may only be available to Premium students, however.

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