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Hi. I'm a guy in middle school that is obsessed with everything that's related to Japan. I wanted to go ahead and learn the language because - why not? I have Premium and am surprisingly understanding the basics fairly well. I want to learn it relatively well, but my teachers generally give a good bit of homework, so the only time I really have to sink myself into the lessons is on the weekends. I mean, I'll try to read them on weekdays, but I doubt I'll really have the time to focus as much as I should. Are there any tips you guys have for a situation like this that might help in effective learning? Thanks. :)

My tip is that you take your time to practice every single day, even if you only do it for a little bit. Maybe set a minimum amount of time you want to study Japanese for each day? Be it 15 or 30 minutes. I myself usually set myself to complete my drills every day, so that they don't stack up and become overwhelming - it's also better for your memory than just cramming it all in at once. Good luck on your studies :)

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Speaking as an old man (aged 33) who makes his living as a translator and interpreter (not Japanese yet but a number of other languages) I really have to applaud your efforts at wanting to make a fist of studying languages at such a young age, I wish I had your foresight.

If you stick with it you'll have such an amazing basis for university and beyond, if of course you decide to take that direction. But with foreign languages, the younger you start the better and you can do so much with them, even if it's only at the personal level.

Regarding homework and responsibilities and that, I'd firstly say don't worry about it too much. You're still very young, don't have to work (your job right now is basically to study and learn about the world as much as possible), so it's not like someone who's going to Japan in four months and wants to be fluent when they get there - an impossible task.

Just stick with it - try to make 30 minutes a day where you study with no distractions. Japanese grammar can be incredibly hard to grasp but if you stick with it and look out for how its used you'll understand it quickly enough.

Something else to bear in mind with Japanese is context: always ask yourself how is this word being used, what context is it being used in?

For getting the most out of the Nihongo Master system I would recommend this thread, it's a bit long but sincerely wrote it to help all new students on here: https://www.nihongomaster.com/community/question/735/best-review-method-and-optimal-drill-mastery-level



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if you're too busy on weekend to go online and learn new japanese vocabs, u can re-read the notes of your previous course. ( the notes u make for yourselve in any book so u can carry it anywhere and read it anytime) by doing so, even though you dont gain new knowledge, u dont forget the one u already studied. ( since doing homeworks can cause you forget things )  hope this might help 

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