Pedantic observation concerning the dashboard for site administrator types...

Asked 4 years ago

...so don't take this too seriously at all, it's just something goofy I realised today.

Has anyone else noticed that in the animu picture on the dashboard where they show the next lesson the books read 語本日 instead of, you know, the obvious thing which would be

語? Did the image get reversed or was the artist Chinese (the Chinese having an apparent fondness for thinking all Japanese words are written backwards, according to photos from my Japanese mate's trip to Shanghai)?


Disregard the gap before the second 'nihongo', don't know how that got inserted.

Commented 4 years ago

Gah! Obviously a goof. We'll fix that up! Hah!

Commented 4 years ago

Know someone who might be able to answer this question?

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Hi Kenny!  Yes, you were absolutely right.  We've fixed the image.  Thanks for reporting it!

Answered 4 years ago